Command and Control

FleetDeck is a new Remote Desktop & Virtual Terminal solution, tailored for techs to securely manage large fleets of computers.

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Simple and unbeatable pricing. Fully featured with batteries included.

Security Through Simplicity

No eavesdropping

True end-to-end encryption with ephemeral private keys that never leave your devices.

Strong authentication

Two-factor support for all authentication apps.

Advanced auditing

Get alerts for suspicious activity on your account in real-time.
IT security

New Technology

Tailored for tech support

Video codec and netcode purpose built for Remote Desktop.

Get in and out quick

High frame rate and interactivity prioritized over image quality.

Robust video streaming

Handles high latency and low bandwidth conditions better than competing solutions.
* Comparison made at 5 Mbps


Run a tight ship

Organize large fleets of computers in folder hierarchies.

Operate unattended

Perform background tasks with virtual terminal access.

Know your inventory

Monitor system information from computers as soon as they are deployed.
IT asset management
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